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Looking for the perfect party venue in the heart of Ranelagh Village this Christmas? Our glass room is available free of charge and caters up to 45 people with direct access to our outdoor terrace.

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There's nothing like a pint of Guinness, the last gulp tastes as good as the first sip and an imperial pint is the perfect portion for a stout. All good. But what's good for the goose isn't necessarily good for the gander. INTRODUCING the TapHouse Standard Pour.

What Makes a TapHouse Beer Special?

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Our Munique

The TapHouse Standard Pour

Why the size of the Munique? The 400 ml Munique is the perfect size to keep your beer cool, carbonated and fresh to the last drop.

Why does beer love the Munique glass? Designed with a flared rim and a wide bowl to release the aroma, which so many great beers require.

Stem to help keep your beer cold

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Draft line and bottle cooler temperatures are specifically controlled for each beer to ensure perfect taste – beer shouldn’t have to be served ice cold to taste good.


Our staff are trained and familiar with all our craft beers, meaning they are well equipped to recommend a beer that will suit you.


Our beer prices are the same per ml regardless of the size you order - small (1/2 pint), Standard, or large (pint), so enjoy fresher beer.

We LoveInfusions

A decent cocktail needs a decent base so we thought, why not create our own? Our infusions are created in-house using premium quality liquors and freshly sourced seasonal fruits; they provide the basis for some great cocktails.
As the seasons change so will our infusions, allowing us to develop cocktails that suit the seasonal mood.

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Small plates - bold flavours

We designed the menu around small portion servings to give a variety of different tastes and flavours that are intended to augment the broad range of tastes experienced in our house-infused cocktails and craft beer selection. All of our food is freshly prepared in-house using locally sourced quality Irish ingredients.

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